Each product has an individual grain due to the nature of the wood and the processing and is unique. Click on the different variants and order your favorite.

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Cask wood cuff links

Cask wood cuff links

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Variations of the cufflinks

Handmade cuff links from whisky cask wood with high gloss coating in a sturdy and high-quality setting. 

Each cuff link is a one of a kind and handmade.  

To make the cuff links, the wood from the inside of the whisky cask stave is used, painted in high gloss, and embedded into a high-quality setting. 

And since every cask, every stave, and its journey to the final enhancement into a piece of jewellery are individual, each cuff link has its own and distinct history. 

The high gloss coating captures and preserves this history and the special colour of the wood is perfectly showcased.


Features & scope of delivery

  • Handmade insert from a whisky cask "Made in Germany"
  • Pleasant wearing comfort due to high quality and durable materials
  • Easy cleaning and preservation of the wood color
  • Reliable surface protection due to a high gloss coating
  • Whisky cask wood from the inside of a stave Ø 15mm
  • Silver or dark (gun metal) setting made of high quality brass with rhodium plating Ø 18mm
  • Nickel free, lead free & rust free
  • Supplied in a sturdy packaging

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