Casklusive – A word mix of “cask” and “exclusive”.

Cask: We use the wooden inside of whisky caks for our products. 

Exclusive: Each of our products is a one of a kind. We offer premium and special pieces of jewellery and home accessories with a unique surface. 

My name is Torsten and I founded the Casklusive GmbH at the beginning of 2023.  

Everything started in 2020 when I ordered some whisky cask staves. My idea was to craft a coaster for a whisky bottle out of it because I´m a passionate enjoyer of whisky.   

Later I came across an advertisement for mobile phone cases with wooden backsides. This advertisement and the leftover cask staves inspired me to craft a phone case made from the wood of whisky casks myself. 

It took some attempts, but it turned out that the inside of the cask staves has the prettiest and most unique surface. That’s due to the golden yellow colour of the wood mixing with the black areas that occur when you burn out the barrel and which then leads to an extraordinary combination of colours.  

Due to my experience as a highly skilled car varnisher, I came up with the idea to paint everything in high gloss to accentuate the depth effect and the intense colours of the wood.  

The combination of the golden yellow tone of the wood and the black areas fascinated me and hence made me try further attempts. So next I made cuff links as Christmas presents for the family. 

This was followed by coasters for whisky glasses which are supposed to underline the enjoyment of whisky.  Four coasters were created and directly tested at a trial tasting session.  

This was the idea which led to the company “Casklusive GmbH.  

 I´m still fascinated by the combination of the unique surface and the long journey of the barrels and I hope that the products will excite you as much as me.  I´ve got many more ideas and I´m already working on new projects to come.  

Have a look around my website and let yourself be convinced of the extraordinary products with their individual history.