Each product is unique with history!

For our products we use used wine or whiskey wood barrels. We process the inside of the barrels, because here over many years the wine or whiskey has matured and leaves very special traces in the wood. The idea for our products came about because we want to capture these traces and see them in the finished product. In the first step, we disassemble the barrel into its individual staves. From the inside of each stave we cut a narrow piece of wood. This is not easy, as the staves are curved because the barrel is round. The thin piece of wood is then further processed until a thin even piece of wood is created. Similar to a wood veneer.

The whiskey barrels are burned out before filling and are completely black on the inside. This charcoal layer is carefully ground down by us. Thus, the products from whiskey barrel very beautiful grains from the light oak wood and the darker burned out areas.In the red wine barrels, the wine has colored the oak wood of the stave red. This layer is extremely thin, so these staves are only very lightly sanded to achieve a nice blend of red tones and light tones from the oak.The finished veneer pieces are cast in a clear epoxy coating. The epoxy stabilizes the wood and preserves it. The coating creates a depth effect that preserves and even enhances the color and grain of the wood.

Then our jewelry and accessories are cut and polished. If the shape fits perfectly, the last step is a matt or high-gloss coating on our unique pieces, which gives our products a very special look and makes them very robust.