Each product has an individual grain due to the nature of the wood and the processing and is unique. Click on the different variants and order your favorite.

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Casklusive GmbH

Whisky cask lid clock

Whisky cask lid clock

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Handmade clock from a whisky cask lid.  

Each clock is a one of a kind and handmade.  

For this clock, the inside of the cask lid was specially treated to bring out the golden tones of the wood beneath the burned-out areas. The whole lid is sealed, and the surface is smooth. The coating here is matted to put the main focus onto the clock, but the grain of the wood remains well visible. 

The digits were placed onto the surface in a golden colour to match the golden clock hands.  

Possibilities and individualization
  •     Handmade clock from a whisky cask "Made in Germany"
  •     Matt surface
  •     Wood grain is always visible
  •     Unique smooth surface
  •     Individual hands and numbers possible
  •     Personal lettering, names or logos are possible
  •     Diameter approx 54 cm
  •     Delivery time approx. 4 weeks

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